Planet of the apex: test your shark knowledge with our fin-tastic quiz

What is the collective noun for sharks?
Which of these sharks is no fairytale?
Swell sharks can swallow water to make themselves appear bigger, and bark like a dog when lifted out of the water. They also give off an ethereal green glow: why?
A celebrity great white shark known as Katherine, with 60,000 Twitter followers, works the waters off the North American coast. When she’s not breaking the internet (OK, the OCEARCH shark tracker site) with her location pings, she’s providing crucial learning about the mating habits of sexually mature great whites. How long is the gestation period for great white pups?
Which of these characters from JR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings has a shark namesake?
Which of the following is untrue about the song Baby Shark (YouTube views as of publication: 5.9bn)?
The mako shark is the ocean’s fastest, able to swim as fast as 35mph. What unusual attribute contributes to its speed?
Frilled sharks are one of the oldest species of shark in the world – mysterious ocean bottom-dwellers that resemble a cross between an eel and a shark. When do experts estimate this species appeared?
Which shark takes cylindrical chunks of flesh out of its prey – often much larger sharks and whales?
What did Donald Trump once tweet about sharks?
What method of repelling sharks is being trialled in Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean?
The tasselled wobbegong is often found on coral reefs or near the shore in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. What trick does it use to catch its food?
Which of the following most accurately resembles how the skin of most sharks would feel under your hand?
Miss Helen, a female grey horn shark, was abducted from a US aquarium in 2018. How did they smuggle her out?
Sharks are often caught as bycatch in the Mediterranean. According to the Italian coast guard and experts, what is shortfin mako or blue shark often fraudulently sold as?
What are the ampullae of Lorenzini?
Fish are friends (sometimes). There are many examples of sharks enjoying a gentler relationship with their surroundings than their reputation as mindless killers would suggest. Which of the following is untrue?
What have scientists never seen a whale shark do?
What great white shark mystery is concerning experts in Cape Town, South Africa?
In May, customs officials made the biggest shark fin seizure in Hong Kong history: 26 tonnes, in two shipping containers from Ecuador. How many sharks were the fins taken from?


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