Hong Kong’s terracotta tile army marches to the rescue for coral

Scientists are using 3D-printed hexagons to create artificial reefs after a super-typhoon brought devastation

In 2018, a super-typhoon destroyed 80% of the corals in Hoi Ha Wan bay off the Sai Kung peninsula in Hong Kong. In the city’s strongest storm since records began, winds reached 155mph (250km/h) and battered the reefs, leaving behind mostly scattered debris and broken coral skeletons. A few coral species survived, but these will likely take decades to regrow to their former state.

Sadly, this was no exception. Coral reefs are rapidly vanishing from the world’s oceans in large part because of the effects of global heating, which among other issues is increasing the frequency and severity of storms. In 2016 and 2017 alone, 89% of new corals on the Great Barrier Reef perished as a result of global heating-induced bleaching. Without decisive action to tackle the climate emergency, overfishing and pollution, it is estimated we will lose 70% to 90% of the world’s remaining coral reefs over the next 20 years.

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