‘It feels like a nightmare’: Sussex villagers aghast at road plan


Route chosen for £250m dual carriageway around Arundel avoids national park but slices through three villages

“It’s like they are torturing us. Each step, it just gets worse.” Gilly McCadden is in tears. She has just learned that the route chosen for the £250m dual carriageway around Arundel in West Sussex will bring four lanes of 70mph traffic within metres of her house and garden.

The new route of the A27, bypassing a bypass built in the 1960s, has been planned – and resisted – since the 1980s. Now Highways England has unexpectedly chosen the “grey route” – a longer, more expensive plan that slices through three villages but avoids the South Downs national park. For locals in the village of Binsted who fought previous iterations of the plan for destroying ancient woodlands, it means the proposed road will crash through their gardens and peaceful meadows.

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