Time change in USA AMarkets


Due to the switch to winter time in the upcoming holidays 31 October 01 November in USA trade hours for some instruments are subject to change. These are EET time DowJones30, Nasdaq100, SP500 01052315 and 23302400 Russell2000 05052400 TNOTE 01352400 DXY 0300 2400 WTI 0105 2400 SUGAR 10302000 COFFEE 11152030 COTTON 09302120 COCOA 11452030 WHEAT, CORN, SOYBEAN 03051545 and 16352100 NGAS 9302400 VIX 01002315 XAUUSD, XAGUSD, PLATINUM 01002400 Equity CFD US 16302300 The forex instruments are traded as usual All hours in EET. Please note that this schedule is introductory and may be changed


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