FBS CopyTrade removes the 500 limit for copying PRO traders

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FBS CopyTrade is ready to announce that the 500 limit for copying PRO traders is off. PROs are those who trade a lot and have 5000 or more on their trading account in the PRO Trader club. With the help of PRO status, the FBS CopyTrade team marks experienced and reliable traders. Earlier, only PRO investors could copy PRO traders. Now investing in PROs is available to every investor. The cancellation of the 500 limit brings new opportunities for all FBS CopyTrade users. PRO traders may get more copiers and, therefore, more profit. At the same time, investors have a wider choice of traders to copy and may reduce risks by investing in professionals. PRO traders can set a commission up to 80, and they can be noticed in the FBS CopyTrade app by the green PRO sign near their pictures. If you want to become a PRO trader, contact FBS Support Team, and we will give you a response as fast as we can.


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