Never too late: ‘Running a wildlife park was a complete change and we were well past our sell-by date’


From Benny Hill to Tasmania Devils, Bruce Englefield’s career transition from TV production to animal behaviour moved him to the other side of the world

Name: Bruce Englefield
Age: 77
TV technical director turned animal behaviour expert, wildlife park owner

I ran TV studios in London on a day-to-day basis, which meant I was responsible for everything – from lighting, cameras and sound to health and safety. I was the whipping boy, basically!

When I left school, in those days you were basically headhunted and the world was your oyster. I became a sound engineer in BBC radio and later television and worked my way up, until I was recruited by Thames Television as a sound director. I was Benny Hill’s sound director for 10 years, and then his technical director for another 10 years. I had a really good time, although if I’m honest I didn’t really enjoy being a technical director because you weren’t actually creating anything.

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