Changes in conditions at Forex Optimum Group, March 22, 2021


Dear Clients!

We would like to draw your attention to important changes in trading conditions from March 22, 2021.

From that date the accounts can be denominated not only in USD, but also in EUR.

All trading instruments will be available to traders of the LAMM Service project, which will significantly expand the opportunities for investors to profit from copying transactions.

For all trading operations on accounts types Standard and Cent, Forex Optimum Group applies only the net spread from liquidity providers in the amount of 0 pips.

For the execution of trading operations, a commission will be charged on the nominal volume of the operation in the amount of 15 USD for 1 lot.

The commission for trading operations for a Standard account:

  • Forex – 0.015%
  • CFD on Metals – 0.015%
  • CFD on Indexes – 0.015%
  • CFD on Energies – 0.015%
  • CFD on Commodities – 0.015%
  • CFD on US Stocks – 0.10%
  • CFD on Crypto – 0.50%

The commission for trading operations for a Cent account:

  • Forex – 0.016%
  • CFD on Metals – 0.016%
  • CFD on Indexes – 0.016%
  • CFD on Energies – 0.016%
  • CFD on Commodities – 0.016%
  • CFD on US Stocks – 0.15%
  • CFD on Crypto – 0.55%

From that date will be available the credit leverage up to 1:1000, the Margin Call level will be increased up to 100% and the Stop Out level will be increased up to 50%.

Please keep these changes in mind when planning your trading and insure yourself to have enough margin level for new positions.

Support Team Forex Optimum


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