Good Friday and Easter Holidays


Due to the Good Friday and Easter holidays on 2nd and 5th of April 2021, cash payments and transfers in EUR and USD deposits, withdrawals and transfers between the client39;s financial instruments accounts will not be processed. Currency exchange with physical delivery instructions received on 3rd of April, 2021 after cut off time will be executed on SPOTTOM basis. Please be also informed, that US and EU Stock exchanges will be closed on 2nd of April and EU exchanges will be also closed on 5th of April. CME Globex trading etrading session will take place in accordance with the following schedule. ICE Futures U.S. trading session  will take place according to the following schedule. On 2nd of April 2021, Renesource Capital Brokerage division will not operate. On 5th of April 2021, Renesource Capital Brokerage division will operate shortened business hours from 1200 GMT to 2115 GMT 1400 to 2315 Riga Time. We kindly ask you to plan ahead your expected financial instrument transactions, cash flows and payments. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Your Account Manager or Capital Markets team. Best Regards, Renesource Capital markets brokerage team.


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