NordFX Trader Earns Over 50,000 on Bitcoin Collapse


June 3, 2021   NordFX Brokerage company has summed up the performance of its clients39; trade transactions in May 2021. The total income of the three most efficient of them exceeded 175 thousand USD. The undisputed leader at the end of the month was a trader from China, account No.1546xxx, whose profit amounted to USD 81,648. This solid result was achieved on transactions with the British pound GBPUSD, gold XAUUSD and euro EURUSD. The second step of the podium with a result of 53,207 USD was taken by a representative of Vietnam, account No.1416xxx, who showed how to make money during market crashes. Their profit was mainly obtained from transactions with bitcoin BTCUSD, the quotes of which fell by about 40 over the month. The third place is a trader from Indonesia, account No.1506xxx, who earned 41,799 USD in May on gold transactions XAUUSD.        The passive investment services in CopyTrading, one can mark the KennyFXPRO signal The Compass. It has shown an increase of 108 since November 2020. At first glance, this is not such an impressive result although it is ten times higher than the interest on bank deposits. But combined with a moderate maximum drawdown of 22, this signal becomes quite attractive for subscribers who have invested over 45,000 USD in it. in the PAMM service, the same trader, KennyFXPRO, also shows a good result, which may be interesting for investors who prefer moderate earnings with moderate risks. This manager has seen a 24 capital gain since the…


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